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Fresno's Preferred Radiator Shop for Radiator Rebuilds & Re-Cores, Custom Cooling Systems & More

At The Original Mike's Radiator Service, you can be confident that your car is being worked on by a true radiator and cooling system specialist. All radiator-related work is performed by Mike himself, the shop's owner, who has 46 years of hands-on experience troubleshooting and repairing automotive cooling systems. His expertise includes everything from custom designing cooling systems for Nascar, Indy cars, sprint cars, hot rods, and midgets, to re-coring and rebuilding radiators for nearly every make and model of car, truck, SUV, RV, motorhome, and off-roading vehicle.

Radiator Services for Everything from VWs to Ferraris to Farm Equipment

Having worked on more than 500,000 radiators over the years, there are few radiator shops in the Fresno area with as much radiator experience as we have. As a result of our extensive knowledge of radiators, we're able to handle most radiator needs for personal cars, custom cars, sports cars, and classic cars. Our radiator services include:

  • radiator replacement
  • radiator rebuilds & reconditioning
  • radiator recores
  • radiator flushes
  • cooling system upgrades
  • cooling system repairs, including cooling hose, fan, water pump, and thermostat replacements

Custom-Built Radiators, Radiator Rebuilds & Radiator Replacements

We can also custom build radiators, which typically involves rodding out the radiator or putting in a new core, performing any necessary repairs, replacing hoses, and making other necessary adjustments to the cooling system. Most radiator rebuilds and re-cores are performed on older vehicles (primarily those built prior to 1995), while radiators in newer cars are primarily replaced. If we are replacing a radiator, we only use OEM or high-quality aftermarket parts for a long-lasting, reliable repair.

Cooling System Repairs & Services

The cooling system in a vehicle plays a critical role since it is responsible for cooling the engine. It can either help or hurt a car's performance. It includes the water pump, fans, cooling hoses, and thermostat. If you have a custom car, Mike can design a cooling system for its specific needs. If you car has been overheating, leaking water, or displaying other issues with the cooling system, our experts will diagnose the problem and repair it for an affordable price. With our knowledgeable and highly skilled cooling system expert and experience ASE-Certified Master Technicians, we can handle any cooling system problem according to the industry's highest standards -- even labor-intensive jobs like water pump replacements that require the motor be dismantled in order to access the part.

Cooling System Upgrades

The Original Mike's Radiator System also performs cooling system upgrades. Upgrades are recommended for any vehicle that needs to operate or perform at higher than usual capacity, such as cars that need to tow a trailer or Jeeps that need more horsepower. An upgraded system delivers the right amount of air and water flow to allow heat to dissipate quickly, which can be particularly important when driving through the hilly areas in and around Fresno.

The Best Shop in Fresno for Farm Tractor Radiator Repairs & Recores

We will even work on some larger or heavier duty radiators, such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, and Ford tractors and similar farming equipment. Tractor radiators often have trouble with chemicals eating away at them, and customers can come to us for radiator repairs and re-cores, which cost much less than putting in an all-new radiator. If you have a tractor radiator in need of repair, just bring the radiator in to our shop. (Unfortunately, we do not work on heavy-duty diesels or semi-trucks.)

Whether You Have a Radiator Leak or Need a New Custom Cooling System, You Can Rely On The Original Mike's Radiator Service

Whether you have a radiator leak or need a cooling system upgrade, call or stop by The Original Mike's Radiator Shop in Fresno. We will get the job done right, the first time, and work efficiently to have your job completed quickly -- usually in a day. And because we stand behind the quality of work, we have excellent reviews on Yelp, thousands of satisfied customers, and an A+ rating with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

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" Reviews

These guys did a fantastic job on my new radiator! I brought it to two other shops before them and those guys didn't even find the leak. By the time I got it to Mikes it was leaking like a sieve! They fixed the problem quickly and for $300.00 less than they quoted me at another shop. Thanks!

Apple Creek HOA Via Google

I originally started using Mikes Radiator about 2 years ago for an older Ford Taurus that needed a new radiator. I had dropped my car off at Firestone and the quote they gave me to replace the radiator was outrageously high. Mike's beat that quote by about $200.00. They were nice and professional as well. I brought that car back several times for A/C recharge and when the alternator went out and they were wonderful every time! I just bought a Volkswagen and when it started leaking radiator fluid, Mike's is the place I took it. I trust they will do a good job for a fair price. I highly recommend this shop!!

Julie O., Fresno, CA Via Yelp

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